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HSE charges for FFI to increase


The HSE has confirmed an increase in the amount that it charges under the Fee for Intervention (FFI) programme. From April 2016 the hourly rate is increasing from 124.00 to 129.00. Its now almost four years since FFI came into force and the scheme which is criticised by many, raises about 15m in revenue to the HSE. Average costs to duty holders is reported as 650 per intervention. Many believe it is affecting the relationship with HSE and almost certainly puts employers on the 'backfoot' whenever the HSE visit a site. Rob Castledine, Director at Three Spires Safety says: "In our experience, trying to dispute or even refute a HSE FFI letter is both time consuming and sometimes not worth the hassle." However there is a lot of uncertainty over how the HSE may use previous FFI letters in future investigation. Rob continues: "We believe the HSE will, of course, bring up the fact that previous FFI letters have been issued and use this against the duty holder if further interventions arise. FFI could be viewed in the same manner as a previous Improvement or Prohibition Notice. Clearly disputing it might mean the FFI notice is waived, but not disputing it also could be a sign that something was indeed wrong and that an employer acknowledged it was a contravention." In all cases, the scope of the FFI notice and the situation(s) in which it has been issued needs to be carefully examined before any decision to refute or otherwise is taken. Should you need any advice over any HSE visit or correspondence, then please call us on 02476 712244.

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